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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  August 14, 2011 4:00am-5:15am EDT

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at the beginning of this then coming back recently, having seen the paradyne change from the continuum of nine years of war we're making progress. that is not being told which frustrates me to no end. people like the book so they understand this terrorism goes on in their behalf every day. not just those that serve in afghanistan or iraq. one that the commander in chief says go. that is where i go. we have gotten more accomplished in the last year-and-a-half since the support arrived in could gain more ground and push in the areas to expand where
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the taliban were erred desperately trying to push and but i will tell you afghans have taken over some of the control where i don't necessarily know that is portrayed to people. but what we're doing is of u.s. strategic interest. because they not only deserve our help but want our help. if we step back to look at this sweeney strategic partners between iran and pakistan between good tajikistan and uzbekistan and a the border of western pakistan. we need partners who are willing to work with us long term.
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one of the stories i like to tell it is afghans are not a very educated people. i mean that most men cannot even sign their own name. they are brilliant and speak four or five languishes -- languages but cannot write their own name may be not even dealing with map except maybe paper money. but when you teach the mujahedeen commander u.s. been fighting 40 of his 50 years of life and he comes to you and you teach him how to write his name you give him a sense of pride that he has never known. he will look to you to be more loyal and faithful or just as loyal and faithful as the guy who brings his burned daughter to use screaming for somebody to
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help him. there is no health care or medical care. when they bring them to you, your the only semblance of health or freedom they will see. even if it doesn't turn out like a storybook, they know that you try to help. when you have nothing that makes all the difference in the world. i think it will take some time to help to educate them while training them but i think we will have an honest and loyal partner. not only working with a groan afghans have the generations that survived the soviets, we also train and mentor a lot of the younger children. one of the things many people don't know is a lot of the units go to orphanages and spend time with children to pass out humanitarian aid and
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supplies. there is a well rounded concept going into what we do and a lot more to it and i wish that message was getting out. . .
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